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Patient and Family Support

At MSM Moore Foundation (MSMMF) we care not only for the child, but for the whole family. This care comes in many forms – from financial advice and spiritual counselling, to the provision of accommodation for parents.

We need your help to support these vital projects, helping to make life as ‘normal’ as possible for families while their children are in hospital, often for weeks or months at a time.
How patient and family support helps
Money raised by The Independent and Evening Standard Appeal will fund a wide range of patient and family support projects. Some examples of projects include: 
  1. Play service - For a child, boredom is one of the worst things about being in hospital. The older a child gets, the more they feel that they are missing out on what is going on outside of hospital. For some children, missing out on things like play can have a real and lasting impact on their lives. Play can also help children and young people deal with fears or worries about hospital, their illness or treatment. We fund dedicated play specialists and play workers who design activities for children to aid their treatment, recovery and understanding of their illness and make their time in hospital as stress-free as possible. With your help we also create spaces for children to play and families to spend time in with each other – including play rooms on every ward, an activity centre for children and siblings and outside spaces and gardens to provide a break from their hospital rooms.
  2. Parent and family accommodation - To receive the specialised medical care that they need, our young patients can be in hospital for weeks or even months at a time. More than half of our patients live outside of Region, and many are hours away from home. This distance places enormous stress on parents who are juggling the care of other children, as well as the financial pressures of taking time off work. Thanks to your support, MSMMF accommodates about lots of parents each week, so that parents – and sometimes siblings - can stay close to their children. 
  3. Chaplaincy and spiritual care - We help provide spiritual and religious support to patients, families and staff at MSMMF. MSMMF treats some of the sickest children from across the Country and sometimes they come to us as a last resort, having exhausted other treatment options.  The families of the patients at MSMMF go through the worst and most stressful time imaginable, so the Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care the text we can use for the body of the website. Donate Now!

Our Contacts


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